Edward L. Kelly Jr

An entrepreneur who has been hand coding websites since high school, Ed started his first design company, Venom Online at the age of 16, building a website for his local high school baseball team before he went on to receive a degree in computer science from West Chester University.

Your Business Needs a Professionally Designed Website

How Can Our Philly Web Design Team Help Your Business?

Having an awesome website is more important for your business than you might realize. A great online presence will lend credibility to your business, not to mention be one of your best sales and marketing tools.

Often times, a potential customer will visit your website and make a buying decision before you even know they exist. However, did you know that 55 percent of visitors to the average website will spend less than 15 seconds there? How can you possibly convert these visitors into customers? The answer is actually quite simple. You must captivate their attention quickly and hold it. Perhaps you are not a marketing guru, but that is where InventUS Internet Marketing can help! Our Philadelphia website design team will create the perfect website for your target audience.

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