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Facebook: A Must Have for All Businesses

Facebook is a Must Have for Your Business

Facebook, with more than one billion regularly active users, is the most popular social networking service ever. These users range from pre-teens to senior citizens. Everyone, it seems, is on Facebook. However, Facebook is not just for individuals. Companies all over the world utilize Facebook every day. Why? There are two main reasons. Having a Facebook page gives a company another form of credibility. Often, potential consumers will look to see if a company has a social media presence before deciding to purchase. Facebook also provides companies with an outstanding media for marketing. This social media marketing, as it is called, is one of the most highly effective forms of marketing today. It allows the company to engage and interact on a much more personal level with its end user than more traditional marketing efforts. So, if you are a business owner deciding whether or not your business needs a Facebook page, the answer is YES! Setting up your Facebook page, obtaining followers, and providing quality content every day may seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, InventUS Internet Marketing is here to help. Our professional team of experienced social media marketing specialists will set up and manage your complete online presence.  

Purchasing Likes on Facebook

Some companies try to purchase likes on Facebook, thinking that this will propel their popularity. This is not the case, however.In fact, it can be thought of much like buying friends in real life. They are not genuine likes who care about your company or are interested in your company's products or services. They are only there because you pay them to be there. Likes that are purchased on Facebook negatively skew your analytics. Analytics are vital statistics necessary to ensure your marketing efforts are reaching the right individuals and having the right effect on them. Purchasing likes on Facebook also dilutes your marketing message. Whatever you do, do not purchase likes. It is a complete waste of your time and money. I can guarantee it will not have the desired results.

Obtaining Genuine Likes on Facebook

Obtaining genuine likes on Facebook may seem overwhelming. Where do you start? Unless your brand is extremely well established, like Nike or Coca-Cola, you are not going to instantly have thousands of likes the day you sign your company up on Facebook. In all actuality, it could take up to three months of concentrated effort to obtain your first 1,000 likes on Facebook. This should not deter you from signing up or taking the plunge into social media marketing.

Your first 1,000 Facebook likes will be the hardest to obtain by far. These first 1,000 Facebook likes are the most critical for your company, as well. Why is this? And, what happens when you finally reach that magical number? There is nothing mystical that occurs when the likes counter actually displays the number 1,000. You will probably not instantly start receiving more orders. Your sales will probably not instantly double or triple. What will happen is a snowball effect of sorts. More and more relevant people – people who are genuinely interested in your product or services – will begin liking your page. Your number of genuine likes will grow exponentially. This is because more and more people will begin sharing your status updates with their friends. As a result, your sales will increase over time.

So, how do you obtain these first 1,000 Facebook likes? First, you must provide high quality content. Second, you must engage your target audience and interact with them on a daily basis. However, these two things by themselves are not enough. Contact InventUS Internet Marketing today for a free consultation. Our social media marketing services are typically far less expensive than traditional marketing methods, and they allow you to focus on the other important aspects of your business.

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