Leverage The Power of eCommerce

InventUS Internet Marketing knows how critical it is that your eCommerce website is simple to navigate, easy to use and offers an engaging customer experience. Our eCommerce store solutions fulfill all three of these criteria. Our experienced professionals will design an online store that will increase sales by converting your website visitors into paying customers.

A Complete eCommerce Solution

We utilize the award-winning Joomla platform to develop a complete eCommerce website. With our fully developed solutions, you will have the perfect online store to meet your business needs.

Shopping Cart Features:

  • Product categories to help your customers quickly and easily find what they need.
  • Full product descriptions including reviews, ratings, and feedback.
  • Complementary product recommendations based on customer engagements.
  • Coupon discounts and promo code generation.
  • Multi-currency cart support.
  • Integrated payment and shipping options.
  • Support of both user account and guest checkout options.

Search Engine Optimized

All products for sale through your website will be search engine friendly, optimized for Google, Bing and Yahoo. Our platforms offer tools which support strong keywords, meta tags and meta descriptions on individual pages. This increases your odds of being ranked higher than major competitors which in turn boosts traffic to your store.

If you are looking for the perfect eCommerce website design, contact inventUS Internet Marketing today for a free consultation.

eCommerce Plans

These plans will give you an idea where to start, pricing will be discussed after we know the full details and scope of your project.


Perfect for start-ups and small businesses.

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For growing and medium-size businesses.

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For large businesses with a lot of products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What eCommerce Store Platform Will My Website Use?

The eCommerce platforms we use vary depending on the size of your store and the options you require. The shopping carts we typically use are HikaShop, j2 Store and SELL. We will go over the benefits of each during the consultation.

Will The Store Support Different Languages and Currencies?

Yes! Your eCommerce store will support any number of languages and currencies including various tax systems.

I Want To Accept Credit Cards, Do I Need a Merchant Account?

No, our solutions allow you to use PayPal as a payment method. PayPal doesn’t have monthly fees and takes a very small percentage of the sale for a transaction fee. Using PayPal does have one disadvantage; the customer will be directed off your store to make the payment on PayPal. If you’re looking for a low-cost alternative to PayPal, you should look into PayPal Payments Pro, which keeps the customer on your site through the entire payment process.

Will I Be Able To Update Products On My Own?

Yes! We will teach you how to update products on your own after your website is completed. We typically give 2 free hours of training with the purchase of an eCommerce package. If you need more time we can discuss extending the training.

Can I Add a Shopping Cart To My Existing Website?

Yes! We can incorporate a brand new eCommerce solution to your existing website with all the features you will need and your existing webite will have zero down time.

Will The eCommerce Software Manage My Inventory?

Yes! Once you input the amount of inventory for each item, it will manage it for you and when the inventory runs out, the software will display an "Out of Stock" description.

Will the eCommerce Software Generate Reports?

Yes! The software will generate various reports from traffic, to purchases, to views and much, much more. It also integrates with Google Analytics to provided greater insights into your customers habits.
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