Website Maintenance and Hosting

At inventUS Internet Marketing, we provide Philadelphia businesses with website management services. For many small businesses, having a web management team on staff is not cost efficient. We are your local Philadelphia website management service. For most companies, having a web management team on staff is not necessary or cost efficient.

However, it takes a great deal of knowledge and experience to manage your website resources efficiently. Our services will save you time and money by providing cost effective solutions which all include a website backup service.

We offer three standard packages with a 3 month contract minimum. Prices are per month basis. A portion of monthly fee funds your own Google Adwords account for Professional and Enterprise plans. Last updated December 8, 2016.

Website Maintenance Benefits

Because this is our specialty, our team of web developers and IT specialists can accomplish more in a fraction of the time than you can do in-house. Having us do it allows you to stay focused on your core business model.

The benefits are clear. We are available whenever you need us. We are easy to reach, responsive and pride ourselves on unmatched support. We have an online ticketing and timetracking system so you will always know where your project stands.

Sometimes you don't need technical support, you just need a little advice. As as part of our web management services, we are happy to share our knowledge and expertise with you whenever you need it.

Website Maintenance Plans


Content updates, monthly backups and reports.

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Content updates, weekly backups and reports

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The full suite. Worry free site management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Website Maintenance And Why Do I Need It?

Our website maintenence packages are designed to take the stress off of you and allow you to concentrate on running your business. Website maintenance is how we refer to regular updates or changes to your website. It is important to keep your site current, correct and fresh. Simple changes from time to time will do this. For eCommerce sites, maintenance may also include price changes, removing discontinued products, etc.

How Often Can I Request Updates To My Site?

The amount of updates and time designated for your site will depend on the website maintenance package you have chosen. If you need more time than the plan you have chosen provides, we can either bill you hourly, or bump you up to the next plan.

Do Your Website Maintenance Plans Require A Contract?

Yes. All our plans require a minimun 6 month contract.

How Do Your Website Maintenance Packages Work?

When you select a package we will contact you in order to go over exactly what you need and create a package to meet your needs and budget.

Do You Have To Host My Website To Maintenance It?

No, we do not have to host your website to maintenance it, but we recommend you allow us to host your website if you decide to hire us for any sort of website maintenance. Any extra time accrued dealing with your host for any technichal difficulties will be billed hourly.

Will You Update My Website Content Management System and Plugins?

Yes! If your website uses a content management system such as Joomla or Wordpress we will update it along with your plugins. If you have paid plugins, you must make sure their subscriptions are up-to-date.
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